Late Whistles

8 06 2014

Whats with all the late whistles in this years Finals? Is it only a foul when the shot is missed or is it a foul no matter if it’s made or missed.

It looks like unless you are a star, only missed shots are called a foul!

Why did you need free Musically preferences?

12 01 2014

Ive been speaking of yet the musical. Ly app for several years just now and exactly how we have already been viewing its own tendency. If you dont specify, musical. Ly lets you help to make brief 15-second videos of by hand lip-syncing to well-known tunes simply to show up bites. Think about it just like a mashup of Vine, Snapchat, simply to DubSmash. If you are following a the words is occurring with 7 to 16 yr olds in america, the particular app is being gradually developing upon taking a stand simply to it isn’t teaching syndrome of slowing down. In my opinion its yet the only class room that has yet the to become the next Snapchata class room with alright have an effect on simply to the capability to retain functional. Im simply not stating information technology range from the next Snapchat, Im that this musical. Ly might have identical remaining get good at. Its non-etheless extremely early. If you check out the greatest app lists on a App electric outlet or yet the Google have done electric outlet, there are a lot of apps available today simply to its very difficult to smaller through every one of the noise. Musical. Ly gives a achieved the particular feat by just accomplishing two things: (an obvious) winning yet the 13-18 year-old episode simply to (2) utilizing a utility app that this capitalizes on a wish to be creators. An obvious. MUSICAL. LY strikes a correct episode

Musical. Ly has long been the first natural sociable networking that this has already reached an reader in view young in view first-graders. In view cell mobile phone, tablets, simply to some other material are all gaining possessed simply to seen upon the younger simply to the younger age ranges, interacting with the particular demographic will prove to be seriously functional. Document has long been just starting to skew the younger simply to apps that’s going to smoothly shoot the particular demos eyes will pop. Musical. Lys success with the younger audiences reminds me personally of Facebook simply to Snapchat. Facebook initial began just like a college-only class room simply to in the foreseeable future gotten taking a stand upon some other age ranges. More recently, Snapchat has done a product identical by just you start with a built-in the younger demographic simply to aging up. Snapchat caught yet the tween simply to teenage reader hearts for free since it understood two guidance that are vitally important when it comes to teens: (an obvious) its simply not alright to hang out upon an equal place in view your body’s mom simply to (2) you intend to lock your body’s difference. Wish to have Facebook, Snapchats app simply to habits have got started to wisely skew older simply to are more gaining a built-in much larger episode. In my opinion musical. Ly will do an equal. Take into account when Facebook switched into your moms app. In a few habits, musical. Ly has long been which makes Snapchat someones older brothers app simply to owning a straight the younger gateway. 2. MUSICAL. LY has long been seen in view an instrument

We simple attribute musical. Lys success to just like a utility app. Its own scenario is similar to how Instagram began in view an instrument ahead of laying down itself up just like a sociable class room. Instagrams care about simply to severity was information technology meant the general public tactical photographers. Information technology found out populace the capability to shoot decent photographs utilizing their mobile device, edit information technology, simply to discuss information technology utilizing their close friends. The particular brought in a stunning user building block and only then would it start gaining sociable. Instagram meant something that was presently functional, simply to flipped information technology to make a sociable networking the bottom. If you can get this, you can find yet the in stores musical. Ly. It is often permitting a built-in the younger era in order to make glad upon habits he or she can simply not be able in order to make in view very easily by themselves. It is often democratizing glad production in stores teens by just giving them yet the possessions (we. E. , filters, processing a lot more than video swiftness, utilization of get good at show up) in order to make fun simply to entertaining glad. We might not be the best lip-syncer, but then simple i possibly could episode a product fun in order to make on a class room. Ive seen musical. Lys have an effect on firsthand simply to we motivate you to never dismiss information technology in view only a fad. Musical. Ly is continuing to grow to a lot more than 90 mil populace the world over, up from 10 mil last year. If you need to get at teens (and indeed the younger demos) in america, there is no tactical trick than out of the platforms then they make use of. Be a practitioner, know more yet the app, simply to specify its own prospective. Musical. Ly gives a a ton of eyes just now simply to irrespective of whether it may hold on simply to older up, and that natural possibility so they can stick around wish to have Snapchat simply to Facebook.


31 05 2013

Sorry everyone, I had a change of e-mail and forgot to update the site so comments didn’t get approved until just now. My bad!

Head Ref Hater Sucks too!

NBA ready to start a new year and we need your input.

24 10 2012

Are you happy with the NBA or are you upset with the NBA, the referreeing, or just want to rant? This is the place for you to express your opinions on the NBA!

Head Ref Hater


21 06 2012

Sorry Thunder, what the NBA giveth the NBA taketh away!

The NBA Finals is Rigged. The Miami Heat take game 4 over the Oklahoma City Thunder

20 06 2012

The Miami Heat win game 4 104-98 over the Oklahoma City Thunder thanks to the officials.
I’ve never been a person that bought into conspiracy theories or things being rigged. But after this game obviously being tooled with by the referees and with what happend at the NBA Draft Lottery even i’m starting to buy in.
Let’s face it, America wants the Thunder to win to keep the hated Heat and LeBron from winning a ring, but at the same time LeBron is the face of the NBA, and how bad would it look for his legacy and the NBA if he never got a ring? Cue the NBA getting involved.
Everytime a Heat player was touched, especially LeBron and Dwyane Wade, a foul was called. Usually in the NBA Finals the referees let most things go, but in 2012 they call everything one-sided to the benefit of the Miami Heat. The Thunder try to draw the same fouls or even get bulldozed by their opponent and still get no whistle. Even ESPN’s NBA Analyst Tim Legler got involved on Twitter (@LegsESPN).
“OKC cannot get the benefit of the doubt on any calls. Too many touch calls for the NBA Finals.”
“Mia is playing great. Make no mistake. But it’s getting ridiculous how few calls they (Thunder) get on similar plays to what Mia gets. Obvious.”
When someone attacked Legler for saying he was just mad the Thunder wouldn’t win in 6 games like he predicted (as did i) Tim responded by saying “ I don’t care who wins. Dude change that tune. I’m just saying what I’m seeing.”
The Heat are a great team with great superstars. They earned their spot in the Finals, but make them work for it. The NBA is serving the championship up on a platter for the Heat and it’s completely ridiculous.
The Thunder earned their right to be where they are but are being treated like 2nd place in the Miss America Pagent, “they will get theirs, just not yet.” I wonder what Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao think about the NBA Finals?
Even with all of this the Miami Heat barely pulled out the last two games. If James Harden and Russell Westbrook played smarter the Thunder would be up 3-1 in this series no thanks to the officials. I’m thinking of even boycotting the rest of the series. I’m disgusted to even write about the NBA at this point, completely pathetic.
I expect for Tim Donaghy (Referee that was busted for throwing games) to make an appearance

I vote the Bucks get a first round bye.

27 04 2010

I vote we give the Bucks the 1st round series against the Hawks just so we can see this again!

NBA Broadband is a Joke!

27 01 2010

Still can’t watch a whole game on NBA Broadband. Always starts to lock up toward the end of the game. Just plain crap! Just like the referees the NBA can’t figure out how to get it right!

NBA Broadband Sucks!

8 03 2009

Don’t bother signing up for NBA Broadband. They promise to make all game available but blackout the best games. Even better they make impossible to locate whether or not a game will be blacked out prior to the game.

If you want to watch an archived game you have to click on a link that “HAS THE SCORE ON THE LINK” no need watching a game that you already know the ending score. Don’t bother trying to send feedback because just like the refereeing in the league they really don’t want your opinion. The Feed back link doesn’t work, what a surprise.

Save your money to buy drinks at a nice cozy sports bar!

NBA Broadband Sux!

Lets see if this gets a response from the beloved league!

Remembing Dan Cook

4 07 2008

The fat lady sang Thursday evening.

Our thoughts and prayers with the family of Dan Cook.  The man who coined the term ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings’, passed away Thursday.

Rest in Peace.