Violet Palmer told to: ‘Go back to the kitchen… go in there and make me some bacon and egs…

28 02 2007

Boston Celtics radio announcer, Cedric Maxwell, was ordered to apologize for an on air comment.

After a questionable call (really?) Maxwell said: ‘Go back into the kitchen… go in there and make me some bacon and eggs, would you?”

Looking for Bloggers!

24 02 2007

Do you have a strong option on refereeing in the NBA or do you hate it when people complain about the refs?

Well heres the spot you have been looking for to vent your frustations pro or con. You can even complain about our website!


Forget the technicals & suspensions…

23 02 2007

This is one way the NBA could get players to stay in line with the refs:

NBA going to far to promote homosexuality?

23 02 2007

Okay, so you excommunicate Tim Hardaway for his homophobic actions.  I think the NBA officials have gone to far.

Hold me you big stud…  Barkley’s biggest fan

Bavetta loses to Barkley in a thriller!

20 02 2007

Or as much of a thriller as you can have in a foot race between a 67 year old referee (who is in great shape for a 67 year old!) and the consistently overweight Charles Barkley.

Life After the NBA

19 02 2007

Lets look at what some of these former NBA players have done to make a name for themselves… After the basketball years:

AC Green -
Then:                             Now:
AC Green Playing Years AC Green Now

Best known for: Being the worlds oldest professional virgin.

Tom Tolbert -
Then:                           Now:
Warrior Tom Tolbert ESPN Analyst

Best known for: Being an ESPN NBA Analyst?
(Will he be the first ESPN NBA Analyst to ‘come-out’?)

Wayman Tisdale -
Then:                          Now:

Wayman TisdaleWayman Tisdale World Famous Jazz Musician

Best Known For: Being a great Jazz musician. 

Jayson Williams -
Then:                                          Now:
Jayson Williams - New Jersey NetJayson Williams Defendant

Best known for: Shooting and killing his limo driver in his bedroom.

John Amaechi-
Then:                                         Now:

John Amaechi actually did play basketball.Amaechi’s New Book

Best Known For: Man on Man Sex

Whats wrong with this pattern?

Tim Hardaway Questions his own Sexuality

19 02 2007

Tim Hardaway Hates His Hand

Tim Hardaways hatred of gays goes way back…

19 02 2007

Tim Hardaway Kicking Scottie Pippen in his Manhood

#7 – Ten Most Likely Gay Ballers in the NBA

17 02 2007

Okay, so maybe Timmy’s comments were to counter articles like this one, on a gay sports site, claiming he was in the top ten of NBA players most likely to be gay.

“7. Tim Hardaway, Miami. Not too different from the bruthas one might run into at any black gay club on a Saturday night. Opposite of Dale Davis. Not really trying to be tough. Just himself. ”

How better to distance yourself from the talk, than to say how much you despise and even hate gay people?

The follow-up article had listed John Amaechi at #16.

“16. John Amaechi. Could be that the Nigerian-Brit just operates on a different planet? But then again, that explanation for his atypical behavior wouldn’t be any fun now would it?”

Who is this?

17 02 2007

ESPN: Hello?

ESPN: Yes, this is the publishing department.

ESPN: This is who?

ESPN: I see, what kind of story do you have?

ESPN: Who is this again?

ESPN: Did you take steroids?

ESPN: Drugs?

ESPN: How many rings did you get?… Oh, never out of the first round… Where exactly is the story?

ESPN: I see, you were hoping for numbers similar to the LA contract you missed out on, but you got waived.

ESPN: I’m sorry, you weren’t that good, honestly I don’t even remember you. I don’t think we could find enought people who remember you to sell enough books to go to press with, unless you can come up with something better than that..

ESPN: Gay?

ESPN: New York Times list here we come…………………