Are the Mavs just plain soft?

27 04 2007

Can anyone believe the Mavs look so bad?

I for one always thought the NBA, the Refs and the Media were treating them like princesses. Now it all comes home to roost, they say adversity builds character and the Mavs have tip toed to the best record in the league without ever getting challenged! Now they face their first challenge of the year and they appear to be crumbling like a sugar cookie.

I said it weeks ago that the Mavs are one injury or big lose from falling apart and it looks like it’s coming true!

I’ll go ahead and make my prediction right now. Mavs lose this series for one of the biggest upsets in NBA history. Avery shows his true colors as a tyrant and loses the teams trust. Cuban blames the NBA and sells the team.


Get your gear in time for the playoffs!

25 04 2007

Amanda Lynn Bellman
Order your gear now! Wear it to the playoffs! Support your team! Support your sport!Let’s let the players decide this years championship!

Refs help Mavs!

25 04 2007

I may be bias but it sure looks like the refs gave this one to the Mavs! Baron Davis ejected for clapping. This is nothing like the Tim Duncan ejection and won’t result in a suspension of any referees but it sure did ensure a Dallas victory!

NBA media princesses will advance with a little help from their friends!

Gambling Conspiracy?

22 04 2007

Big shocks or upsets so far in the playoffs?

Not really…

The refs at this point are 5-1-1, and at this point the Dallas game looks like it may make it 6-1-1.

Only upset, Rockets over the Jazz.

Against the spread that is.

The combined records, for the home team against the spread, of the refs officiating the games are as follows:

Spurs vs. Nuggets: 86 – 98. Nuggets beat the spread (1-0 Refs)
Cavs vs. Wizards: 95 – 81. Cavs beat the spread (2-0 Refs)
Suns vs. Lakers: 87 – 100. Lakers beat the spread (3-0 Refs)
Toronto vs. Nets: 92 – 102. Nets beat the spread (4-0 Refs)
Miami vs. Chicago: 93-106. Push on the spread (4-0-1 Refs)
Detroit vs. Orlando: 87-107. Orlando beats the spread (5-0-1 Refs)
Jazz vs. Rockets: 108-85. Rockets beat the spread (5-1-1 Refs)

At the writing of this article Golden State is beating the spread by 14.5 pts, which would make the results (6-1-1 against the spread).

So you see, simply knowing which refs were calling the games, someone could have parlayed some serious cash.

Why was the All-Star game in Vegas again? Which team plays there?

Go Maloofs!

George Karl Quote!

22 04 2007

“Joey is a great ref and does an incredible job, and I don’t say that about many referees,” Nuggets coach George Karl said. “Most referees, I go ‘Ugh.’ But Joey, when you see him on the court, you know he gets angry and he has a personality, but you usually feel you’re going to get a good game.”

Some may think he is coming to the defense of Joey Crawford but more importantly I believe he is telling us what here really feels about the state of referees in the NBA! “A good game” what the heck does that mean? Is he implying that a referee would manipulate a game to make it close or exciting for the fans and those paying for commercials?

Is the problem with referees that they miss calls? NO, of course they miss calls they are human! The two things that drive me nuts is that the NBA rarely admits when they made a mistake and that they manipulate the game to make it close. Manufacturing close games is bad for the integrity of the game and is why so many believe that the NBA is rigged and sometimes compared to the Professional Wrestling!

Spurs Player sent to the hospital!

19 04 2007

NBA and Wire Reports
Thursday, April 19, 2007

SAN ANTONIO — On Wednesday, Spurs center Fabricio Oberto felt abnormal sensations in his chest. After seeing a cardiologist it was determined to be a heart arrhythmia which is believed to have been caused by minor trauma to the chest (which occurred in the Spurs-Mavericks game on Sunday).

This evening Oberto underwent a procedure which restored his heart to its normal rhythm. He is in stable condition and returned home after the procedure.

He will be monitored the next few days and is expected to play in the Spurs’ first round series against Denver. Oberto averaged 4.4 points and 4.4 rebounds for San Antonio this season.

The Question is… Did Mavericks player Josh Howard’s knee to Oberto’s chest cause the injury?

Link to story and video!

Top Ten Signs Your NBA Referee is Nuts

18 04 2007

From the David Letterman show 4/18/07: (CBS Video Link)

    Top Ten Signs Your NBA Referee Is Nuts

10 Keeps nude photos of NBA Commissioner David Stern in his wallet

9 Refers to the ball as “Peggy” — now that’s nuts

8 Refuses to let substitutes come out of the game unless they give two weeks notice

7 Puts ball under his shirt; claims he’s carrying LeBron’s baby

6 Every time someone makes a basket, he screams “Goooaaaallll!”

5 Thinks the Knicks rebuilding plan is working

4 He has a 24-second clock over his bed — that’s worse than calling the ball “Peggy”

3 Well, he’s the only one out there on ice skates

2 Allows players extra free throw if they give him a cigarette

1 Asks Kobe for tips on maintaining a monogamous relationship

“If we can’t laugh, then the terrorists really have won.” - David Letterman (Regarding Tim Duncan’s technical foul and ejection for ‘laughing’)

“ every game like it’s your last…”

17 04 2007

From interview with Joey Crawford May 17, 2001.

Advice to Officials:

“Just work as hard as you can and don’t worry about somebody else moving ahead; just work every game like it’s your last.” -Joey Crawford

Is that how you worked the Mav’s/Spur’s game Joey?

Crawford Suspended!

17 04 2007

“Joey Crawford’s handling of this situation failed to meet the standards of professionalism and game management we expect of NBA referees,” said Stern. “Especially in light of similar prior acts by this official, a significant suspension is warranted. Although Joey is consistently rated as one of our top referees, he must be held accountable for his actions on the floor, and we will have further discussions with him following the season to be sure he understands his responsibilities.”

Is there any doubt that Joey Crawford stepped over the line? I don’t believe there is anymore! I’ve heard Joey Crawford described as one of the best; you’ve got to kidding me. If this is the best the NBA has to offer then this must explain a website like Joey Crawford is a hot head who has taken his authority too far. I’m not sure Tim Duncan was correct when he said Crawford was looking for camera time but Crawford did believe he was more important to the game than the players. It’s just my opinion but Joey Crawford is an idiot and saying he is one of the best only diminishes the NBA and justifies our website! He may have been a good official at some point but as soon as he started letting his own emotions get in the way of calling the game he lost all crediablity!

I’ve heard some say that this was a meaningless game but this game had potential to be the deciding factor for the Western Conference second seed and home court. Crawford all but guarantied Phoenix the spot, especially since Phoenix lost to Houston.

Link to Story!

In light of Crawford’s defiant statement I don’t think we will see Joey on the court again!

Can anyone say Anger Management Joey!

Fire Joey Crawford (Tim Duncan Ejection Video)

15 04 2007

Joey Crawford ejected Tim Duncan with 1:04 left in the third quarter of what could have been a very important game.

Spurs are up 6. Does the NBA need the Mav’s to win this badly?

The offense: ‘Laughing and joking with his teammates on the bench’ You’ll notice in the video… he says nothing. He laughs.

I’m sure Mark Cuban and the fans were happy to see Tim leave the game. But I don’t even think Mark Cuban saw that coming.

The game calling was pathetic, and Joey Crawford has lost touch with his roll and what the fans are paying to see.

He clearly has a vendetta against certain players and cannot fairly call a game. What use is he to the NBA?