NBA to use instant replay!

6 09 2007

Don’t get to excited:

In USA TODAY, Roscoe Nance writes “NBA referees this season will use instant replay to review flagrant foul Penalty Two calls and player altercations. The NBA Board of Governors last week approved the expanded use of instant replay on the recommendation of the league’s competition committee. In the past, instant replay was used automatically on baskets and personal fouls made with no time remaining on the clock at the end of a period in regulation or overtime.” Source:  Also See: USA Today

Shaq ends marriage to scandalous wife?

5 09 2007

Shaq has filed papers on Shaunie O’ Neal, his wife of 5 years.

According to the AP the filing asks Shaunie to provide a ‘correct accounting of all money, funds, stocks, bonds, and other securities ‘ that she had access to or obtained during the marriage.

Was she stashing some chips to bounce on her own?

Take the $32,000,000 crib in Florida… get the kids… and she’s set.

NBA’s most racist ref releasing new book!

4 09 2007

Bob Delaney, the NBA’s most racist ref according to, is releasing a new book in January.

Delaney was the ref who went undercover and infiltrate thed mob…  secretly went to Florida and started working negotiations outside of his duties and the investigation was quickly closed.  He ended up snitching out many guys he had befriended.  A true NBA ref in the making.  He started officiating some games in order to lose the weight he had gained while undercover.

Thats pretty much the story…  if you want to still buy the book…  knock yourself out.

Life’s not fair… why should professional basketball be?

4 09 2007

“… it’s not a revelation that certain coaches and certain referees have issues, and certain players, and statistically you can see certain things happening. We all live with that. You cover the sport, or are with the sport enough to know … it happens.”

- David Stern

So you do know it happens. You’re not just blissfully ignorant.

So how many games does Joey Crawford get to ref against San Antonio this year? Why not just make it all of them. Surely you don’t want the Spurs back in the championship. Joey clearly doesn’t like Tim Duncan. Heck, you can give the other team a 1 ref advantage for all 82 games next year. Judging by the last game, you can eject Duncan every game!

So if you know a team has an unfair advantage going in based on the refs, you’re not giving the teams or the fans a fair game are you?

So you’ve knowingly deceived people into thinking that the games would be played fairly. You in fact knew that one team had an advantage based on issues between refs and players, etc.

Anybody else interested in a class action suit to get a refund on tickets to fraudulently represented competitions?