Tim Donaghy’s estranged wife requests restraining order

19 03 2008

(from HeraldTribune.com)
LAKEWOOD RANCH — The estranged wife of former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who admitted to betting on games he officiated, has asked a local judge to issue a restraining order against her husband.

The request accuses Donaghy of striking their children, breaking into her e-mail account and threatening to harm her.

Donaghy could not be reached for comment Wednesday; his attorney’s office declined comment.

The allegations against Donaghy surfaced in the middle of the couple’s divorce proceedings, as the couple fights over custody of their four young children and their $1.1 million mansion in the Lakewood Ranch Country Club in Manatee County.

In court papers, Kim Donaghy says her husband used her AOL password to steal e-mails about the divorce. On March 14, she says she asked for the e-mails and other paperwork and Donaghy threatened her in front of their children, and police were called.

A Manatee sheriff’s report on the incident said that the fight was not physical. Kim Donaghy said in court documents that Tim has hit the children in the past.
“He is going to snap,” she wrote.

A local judge will have a hearing on the restraining order request Monday. About a month later, Donaghy is due in a New York court, where he will be sentenced for his role in an NBA betting scandal.

The former ref pleaded guilty to wagering on games he worked and tipping off other bettors with inside information. He faces 25 years in prison.