Down by three, 2.5 seconds left…

10 04 2007

You’re down by three with 2.5 seconds left.

You fire up a three only to be fouled in the process.

You’re going to the line… can you tie the game?

Not if Steve Javie has anything to say about it!



One response to “Down by three, 2.5 seconds left…”

11 04 2007
zipperboy (16:42:31) :

This looks like a really bad call. You all know that I’m a Ref Hater and I’m not concerned with the occasional missed call. But this wasn’t even close! Why wouldn’t he defer to another official if he didn’t see the play? It’s obvious that he didn’t see the call; if it was close I might give him the benefit of the doubt but holy cow.

Referee egos are part of the problem. Could it be that he really was trying to affect the outcome of the game?

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