Arizona officials want information

16 08 2007

By Michael Kiefer, The Arizona Republic
PHOENIX — Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas on Wednesday sent letters to NBA Commissioner David Stern and to the head of the FBI in Washington, D.C., asking that his office be given all information about Tim Donaghy’s handling of the two Phoenix Suns playoff games.
Thomas wants to know whether Donaghy gambled on the games, provided inside information to gamblers or helped determine the outcome.

“Specifically it has been reported that Mr. Donaghy refereed playoff series games between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers on April 29, 2007, and the Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs on May 12, 2007,” Thomas wrote.

“If Mr. Donaghy purposely failed to officiate the games properly and his conduct resulted in changing the outcome of games, such conduct might have violated various Arizona criminal statutes and could be the subject of criminal prosecution.”

Thomas did not comment Wednesday, but Special Assistant County Attorney Barnett Lotstein said Arizona’s “long-arm statute” allows the county to prosecute. “If any element of the crime happened in our county, we have jurisdiction,” Lotstein said.

Among the possible felony charges are fraudulent schemes and artifices, which carries a possible prison term of three to 10 years; and bribery of participants in professional or amateur games, which carries a possible prison term of one to 3¾ years.



2 responses to “Arizona officials want information”

16 08 2007
zipperboy (05:49:41) :

Oh my! I wonder if the DA is a disgruntled fan? Can Pheonix fans whine anymore that they already are, get over it! Did anyone watch this series, Pheonix didn’t need any help losing this series!

17 08 2007
aceboonkk (17:27:45) :

Why specifically that game?

I think the all the NBA refs should be charged with criminal negligence for every game!

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