NBA’s most racist ref releasing new book!

4 09 2007

Bob Delaney, the NBA’s most racist ref according to, is releasing a new book in January.

Delaney was the ref who went undercover and infiltrate thed mob…  secretly went to Florida and started working negotiations outside of his duties and the investigation was quickly closed.  He ended up snitching out many guys he had befriended.  A true NBA ref in the making.  He started officiating some games in order to lose the weight he had gained while undercover.

Thats pretty much the story…  if you want to still buy the book…  knock yourself out.



2 responses to “NBA’s most racist ref releasing new book!”

9 09 2007
Rod (14:34:34) :

You guys are nuts. With 91% of NBA players being African American (in most cases, 96% of players on the floor during the game) Bob, along with every White and African American referee would be considered a racist. Why did you single out Bob? I checked the states for Danny Crawford, an African American referee, and 96% of his fouls, violations and technicals were called on African Americans. Could it be because he one of the top guys in the league and officiate most of the high profile games? Or maybe he’s like every other referee: controling a game dominated by African Amerians.

Did you know 98% of all fouls commited by African American players are commited against African Americans? Wow.

Once again, you guys are nuts. What you guys should be addressing is the disportionate percentage of African American referees in leadership positions such as the playoffs, and NBA Finals. And why over the last 8 years, 80% of NBA referees that have been fired were African Americans. These are the questions you need to ask David Stern.

9 09 2007
admin (23:48:50) : wrote an article about Bob Delaney. There is a link to the story … ‘the most racist ref according to (Here’s where the link comes in) Underneath…’

When David Stern is ready to answer my questions I’ll be sure to include yours.

Thanks for visiting Rod… and I can pretty much agree with you assessment, ‘nuts’ works. (Why else would be here?)

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