Joey Crawford vs Spurs

16 05 2008

The Spurs are now 0-2, in the second round, this post-season with Joey Crawford acting as ref.  Funny how both games took place in New Orleans. 

“An NBA spokesperson said executive vice-president for basketball operations Stu Jackson confirmed that Popovich’s interpretation of the rule about foul line access was correct, but that Crawford was within his rights to make a judgment call that players from both teams had contributed to the delay of the game. “

So Popovich was correct about the rule, but Crawford can retaliate against the Spurs any way he sees fit?

Crawford as some may recall was suspended for the balance of the season and playoffs last year after a poorly called game against the Spurs. 

 He’s a horrible ref as we’ve discussed on this site before. 

The NBA really needs to base their officiating staff on a persons qualifications and not on how long they’ve been in the league.  Ref’s like Crawford, Javie, Delaney, Rush, and Bavetta have become household names.  At the expense of the game.



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17 05 2008
zipperboy (15:41:32) :

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

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