Joey Crawford vs Spurs part III

27 05 2008

With 2.1 seconds on the clock, Brent Barry has the ball.

If he has a shot at the basket he has a chance to win the game.

Instead he is jumped into by Derek Fisher, if a whistle is blown he shoots 3, no call.

The announcers after the game argue that ‘he didn’t sell it’. I guess to sell it he would have had to FLOP the other extreme of not getting the call.

Joey Crawford should have blown the whistle, he didn’t. He continues to show his bias against the Spurs. David Stern and Stu Jackson are either the most ignorant people on the planet, or else know this and continue to show how pathetic their decision making.



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28 05 2008
zipperboy (08:31:32) :

It just keeps coming, Joey Crawford is an idiot!

What I don’t understand is how all the announcers have opinions to explain away how to not make an legitimate call. “You have to sell it” “Referee’s don’t want to decide games”!

SELL IT, last month flopping and acting were the major problem in the NBA but today when it suites the needs of the NBA its an acceptable part of the game. This is completely ridiculous!

REFEREES DON’T WANT TO DECIDE GAMES, last time I watched a game the players commit the fouls the referees JOB is to call the game by the rules. If the players foul in thel ast seconds of the game it’s not the refs fault it’s the players who decided the game.

Now I understand why the Spurs coach and players won’t admit that it was a foul. They surely don’t want to pay a fine out of their own pocket and I’m not sure it doesn’t come back to haunt you in future games. I also know that announcers are really employeed by the league and how many people are going to stand up on national TV and tell their boss they are wrong! But is their not one announcer thats got the integrity to say the truth!

No, it wasn’t a shooting foul and thats on Barry! Dumb mistake not jump into Fisher while he was in the air. But even a non-shooting foul would have giving Barry 2 free throws to tie the game and send it to over time, where the Lakers offensive rebounding and hustle would have probably earned them the win anyway!

Didn’t the referee decide the game in the end by not making a call!

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