NBA “2002″ Series Fixed

11 06 2008

2002 Lakers-Kings Game 6 at heart of Donaghy allegations

LOS ANGELES — Was Game 3 of the 2008 NBA Finals held at the scene of a crime?

Disgraced ex-referee Tim Donaghy alleged as much Tuesday in a filing made by his attorney in U.S. District Court in New York, saying the highly controversial Game 6 of the Lakers-Kings playoff series in 2002 was impacted by the actions of two of the three referees who worked the game.

NBA commissioner David Stern vehemently denied the allegations, saying they are the desperate act of a convicted felon. He also disclosed that the league has already briefed members of the U.S. Congress on certain facets of the Donaghy investigation.

“We welcome scrutiny here. This is something that should be scrutinized,” said Stern, who called Donaghy a “singing, cooperating witness” and repeatedly referred to him as a felon as he spoke with reporters for more than eight minutes near the loading dock of the Staples Center as he arrived for Game 3 of the Finals.

The allegations are some of the strongest ever made against the NBA, coming at a time when the officiating of this year’s Finals between the Celtics and Lakers has come under heavy scrutiny.

In the letter submitted by Donaghy’s attorney, the following “manipulation” is alleged:

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2 responses to “NBA “2002″ Series Fixed”

11 06 2008
aceboonkk (11:14:14) :

As I recall even Mark Cuban was trying to get the Malouf’s to stand up for better refereeing after this series.

The Malouf’s response was almost suspicious itself. Of course here you have the owners of the Kings that happen to be the owners of one of the biggest gambling facitilities in the country, The Palms. If anyone should recognize a fix it’s them.

17 06 2010
gwen (21:51:18) :

yall som paid ass cheating refs againts celtics

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