Congratulations Celtics NBA Champions 2008

17 06 2008

The Celtics have done it again.  The NBA has done it again, put horrible officials in critical roles.  Having Crawford officiating tonight made it clear to me that the NBA was looking for a physical game.  Flashback to Rambis being clotheslined.

A physical game is clearly to the Celtics advantage.

Somebody should have told Doc that the refs would allow players to do just about anything, throw a player aside, poke a player in the eye, etc.  Just don’t talk…  that will give the other team free throws.  Especially don’t laugh as Tim Duncan did against Crawford, and get ejected.



One response to “Congratulations Celtics NBA Champions 2008”

15 08 2011
Geo (02:28:50) :

That’s funny the Celtics were MUCH THE BEST in 2008 and NO WAY were they going to lose that 2008 NBA finals. they won game 6 by THE LARGEST MARGIN CLINCHING THE NBA CHAMPIONSHIP in NBA history. 131-92

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