NBA Broadband Sucks!

8 03 2009

Don’t bother signing up for NBA Broadband. They promise to make all game available but blackout the best games. Even better they make impossible to locate whether or not a game will be blacked out prior to the game.

If you want to watch an archived game you have to click on a link that “HAS THE SCORE ON THE LINK” no need watching a game that you already know the ending score. Don’t bother trying to send feedback because just like the refereeing in the league they really don’t want your opinion. The Feed back link doesn’t work, what a surprise.

Save your money to buy drinks at a nice cozy sports bar!

NBA Broadband Sux!

Lets see if this gets a response from the beloved league!



6 responses to “NBA Broadband Sucks!”

26 05 2009
Henry Johnson (21:30:14) :

the refs in this league suck. i have seen numerous blown calls that have had costly affects in these 2009 playoffs. as an avid basketball fan, it angers me that david stern has done such a god awful job with this problem.

28 10 2009
Juan (18:26:16) :

Ditto on the broadband – absolute shiot. Audio/Video quality varies from good to horrid and is highly inconsistant. The website looks like it was designed by a child, and navigating through it takes the patience of a saint. Shame on the NBA for producing this POS.


3 11 2009
KJ (20:46:05) :

Couldn’t agree with you more on the Broadband. I had a subscription last year. Such a scam that they don’t let you know which games are under the blackout. On top of that, they “Automatically” renewed my subscription even though the prices are almost double that of last year AND they added this new “Choice”. I watch the Lakers and there hasn’t been a game on Broadband YET. You can cancel your subscription online but it has this: Refunds will not be made if you cancel. So I pressed the button anyway but low and behold –of course their system is down. Such a scam. I was just going to go for the money after the fact which I would guess I could do even though they say no refunds. I say that because I never signed up for the service. I signed up for the full package last year. Not “choice” and not when they don’t even play any of the games/team that I’m looking for.

11 11 2009
JohnnyBlatez (02:35:03) :

Dam straight it sucks.

17 11 2009
derek (20:04:01) :

w.r.t NBA broadband :
amen brother,
it absolutely sucks.
their blackout rules basically cover everything you would ever want to see.
i signed up and haven’t seen a phoenix game yet…and i didn’t know they were going to be blacked out ahead of time.
the friendly customer support person (they refuse to talk in person, email/chat only!) told me “i was free to cancel anytime, but they had no refund policy”.

“free to cancel anytime”….how nice is that of him.

AVOID NBA BROADBAND – it is a scam.

18 12 2012
John B good (13:14:57) :

IT absolutely sucks. You cannot watch games in your own area. They tell you to watch on ESPN or ABC or MSG. If I had those, I wouldn’t need you!! Luckily I only signed up for the 5 team plan and I can’t see my local team. Horrible.

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