NBA, refs far from deal

26 08 2009

The NBA’s current contract with its 60-odd referees runs out next week and the sides appear to be far apart on a new deal, according to sources with knowledge of the negotiations.

Sept. 1 is the expiration date of the current five-year pact. One source told on Tuesday that — with the league proposing an across-the-board reduction to the referee budget of an estimated 10 percent — the impasse might not be resolved before the start the 2009-10 season.

As of “right now,” according to the source, existing NBA referees “will not be working preseason [or the] regular season.”

Another source with knowledge of the talks, however, countered by questioning the referees’ willingness to hold out in a depressed economy if it reaches the point that the league threatens to impose a lockout.



5 responses to “NBA, refs far from deal”

25 04 2010
Chris (19:56:53) :

The NBA is run by a bunch of thugs. The referees ruined this year’s playoffs already. The way they handled the games is a joke and unblievable! If you want quality you will have to go to the NFL and the MLB. The refs throw the games. If its a foul on one side then its supposd to be a foul on the other. The way David Stern fines the players and coaches proves what a bunch of thugs they are. Everyone is scared to speak the truth. I’m not going to watch another NBA game. The NBA is turning into the WWF where they pick the winners in order to make the most money.

11 05 2010
Tom (12:26:26) :

What is wrong with the NBA? Even if we give the crappy refs the benefit of the doubt, that old shorties are trying to call fast-paced action 4 feet above their head, coddling superstars and making calls so the home crowd doesn’t beat the living daylights out of them, their calls still make no sense. How is it possible that in Game 4 of the Jazz/Lakers series, the Jazz still can’t get any calls down 20? The Western Conference finals don’t start for a week and the NBA lost out on the ad revenue and ticket sales of a Game 5. What is their problem? The NBA would be amazing if the damn refs didn’t screw up EVERY GAME!!! And why are they so damn arrogant every time they blow a call. Apologize and move on and do better the next time. Why levy fines against players, coaches and announcers? David Stern, fix the broken officiating. And what the hell happened to the Federal investigation of the NBA?

28 05 2012
NHRoadStar (20:00:53) :

NBA officiating is a disgrace to the great game of basketball and the worst officiating of all professional sport. Even worse is how the NBA commissioner David Stern protects these guys. They all should be fired to protect the game. Stern is either on the take or he is the biggest scum bag around to let this fiasco continue to grow!!! For the sake of the NBA, David Stern should be ousted!!!

6 03 2013
Nemo 10 (20:43:30) :


11 06 2015
Bob (21:59:06) :

Andre iguadala you suck and your jump shot is TRASH! You 2 steph Curry u r trash, and y did u get the MVP, you suck. And these refs are a crap-load of Bull-shit. Old bald guy get some Fu*~en glasses dumb Ass!👀👎👎👎⚠️

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