NBA Broadband is a Joke!

27 01 2010

Still can’t watch a whole game on NBA Broadband. Always starts to lock up toward the end of the game. Just plain crap! Just like the referees the NBA can’t figure out how to get it right!



3 responses to “NBA Broadband is a Joke!”

27 01 2010
zipperboy (21:51:21) :

Where amazing garbage is sold to the NBA fan!

27 01 2010
zipperboy (21:54:07) :

I want every NBA fan to know that NBA Broadband is a waste of money and time. Don’t buy it, you will hate yourself and the NBA!

18 12 2012
John B good (13:18:43) :

I hate NBA BB so much I commented on 3 posts. Do not sign up!!!

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