Celtics Devasted…

31 05 2012

MIAMI – The general manager of the Boston Celtics was trying to understand how LeBron James could get to the free-throw line those 24 times, and so Danny Ainge stood in the hallway recreating a clear-path foul call for the NBA’s vice president of referee operations, Joe Borgia. Ainge slid his feet, and tried to show how the Celtics defender had reached around to the Miami Heat star, how they were far too close to the rim for that call.

“How?” Ainge asked him.

They did some kind of a dance here late Wednesday night, Borgia and Ainge, the NBA official delivering his explanation, and Ainge, the ultimate contrarian, challenging the premises. And hey, how could Paul Pierce foul out again? How could the Heat get to the free-throw line 47 times? These were the things on Ainge’s mind, and there would be no satisfaction coming out of here for these Celtics, no solace out of an epic effort and a historic performance out of Rajon Rondo. Ainge was persistent, polite and Borgia finally relented that he’d watch the film of the Heat’s 115-111 Game 2 overtime victory.

Rajon Rondo earned high praise from LeBron James after Miami’s victory in Game 2. (Reuters) “I’m sure we missed five or six calls somewhere,” Borgia said.



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31 05 2012
Joey Crawford (10:21:49) :

These are some of the most crooked refs I have ever seen. They only miss the calls for one side. David Stern has preordained that MIA CHEAT will be in the finals and his refs are carrying out his mandates.

4 06 2012
Toniobgyn (18:53:28) :

Nba refs throwing the Miami cHeat/Celtic series is a crime. Game 4 was just as bad as games 1, 2 and 3. The travel call on Garnett was as bad as the missed hand-in-face foul of D Wade on Rondo and the obscene 5 technical calls in game 1. Makes me want to turn the game off

16 06 2012
gilbert lane (00:32:10) :

dont get me wrong,i am NOT a Celtics fan.I have NEVER liked the Celtics (except when Shaq was on the team).The Boston Celtics were hosed by the refs plain and simple.I like the cHeat as much as i like having my eyes gouged out with spoons.The refs were pathetic the entire series.That being said the display of officiating in game 2 of the finals was disgraceful.i understand players and team officials are fined and the commentators in the media arent going to bite the hand that feeds them(oh for the days of Howard Cosell “telling it like it is”).I have come to the conclusion that the nba is like pro wrestling,an exhibition not a sport.I had been a fan since the Lakers were still in Minneapolis,but not any more.After LeBron James with a smirk on his face made his post game cliches about the Thunder i almost puked.Face it the fix is in and there is nothing we can do except tune out.I think it is a shame how obviously the refs are fixing games.i quit.Celtics fans i feel your pain.

17 06 2012
Gilbert Lane (22:44:55) :

Its after game 3 of 2012 finals.the cHeat won again.i went to nba.com/hang time blog and stated after game 2 the outcome was preordained.i caught hell.lets face it the nba is no different than the wwe or nwa pro wrestling circuits,an exhibition not a competition.i have come to the bitter truth:the ONLY sport that cant be fixed is golf.i hope the people here will go to the above blog and voice your complaints,they need to know we arent fooled.and if you ask me l.james is a thug who looks like he was recently released from the penitentiary.

20 06 2012
pat fields (06:41:39) :

c’mon man!!! how obvious can the refs be? don’t bother with the Miami/Okc series. the refs have already given title to lebron. this is coming from a hornets & rockets fan. but puhleeze it’s so fixed. David stern get out…you do nothing but draw a paycheck.

8 05 2015
Bob (21:09:17) :

NBA referees SUCK, and they blew the game for the cavs tonight d-rose double dribbled before he took the so called game winning shot all 3 of those refs should be fired and go back to pre-school so they can learn the obvious rules of the game. Then after the game they ? D-rose what his mind set was when he took the shot, and he whet on this whole thing about how he chose to shoot where he wanted to. Why didn’t he say something about that double dribble, I bet he’s partying with the res right now. Lebron played well but I guess u gat ya kiss up 2 the refs in chicago. Refs u blew it, And U SUCK!

8 05 2015
Bob (21:12:56) :

Open your eyes refs, or get some glasses! 3steps is traveling u need me to spell that out for ya. Dingus heads!

8 05 2015
Bob (21:18:49) :

U R SOFT Yokiem Noah, and get a hair cut.

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