The NBA Finals is Rigged. The Miami Heat take game 4 over the Oklahoma City Thunder

20 06 2012

The Miami Heat win game 4 104-98 over the Oklahoma City Thunder thanks to the officials.
I’ve never been a person that bought into conspiracy theories or things being rigged. But after this game obviously being tooled with by the referees and with what happend at the NBA Draft Lottery even i’m starting to buy in.
Let’s face it, America wants the Thunder to win to keep the hated Heat and LeBron from winning a ring, but at the same time LeBron is the face of the NBA, and how bad would it look for his legacy and the NBA if he never got a ring? Cue the NBA getting involved.
Everytime a Heat player was touched, especially LeBron and Dwyane Wade, a foul was called. Usually in the NBA Finals the referees let most things go, but in 2012 they call everything one-sided to the benefit of the Miami Heat. The Thunder try to draw the same fouls or even get bulldozed by their opponent and still get no whistle. Even ESPN’s NBA Analyst Tim Legler got involved on Twitter (@LegsESPN).
“OKC cannot get the benefit of the doubt on any calls. Too many touch calls for the NBA Finals.”
“Mia is playing great. Make no mistake. But it’s getting ridiculous how few calls they (Thunder) get on similar plays to what Mia gets. Obvious.”
When someone attacked Legler for saying he was just mad the Thunder wouldn’t win in 6 games like he predicted (as did i) Tim responded by saying “ I don’t care who wins. Dude change that tune. I’m just saying what I’m seeing.”
The Heat are a great team with great superstars. They earned their spot in the Finals, but make them work for it. The NBA is serving the championship up on a platter for the Heat and it’s completely ridiculous.
The Thunder earned their right to be where they are but are being treated like 2nd place in the Miss America Pagent, “they will get theirs, just not yet.” I wonder what Timothy Bradley and Manny Pacquiao think about the NBA Finals?
Even with all of this the Miami Heat barely pulled out the last two games. If James Harden and Russell Westbrook played smarter the Thunder would be up 3-1 in this series no thanks to the officials. I’m thinking of even boycotting the rest of the series. I’m disgusted to even write about the NBA at this point, completely pathetic.
I expect for Tim Donaghy (Referee that was busted for throwing games) to make an appearance



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20 06 2012
VReyes (12:21:17) :

I’ve been saying this for years. Since before the refs gave the Heat their ring over the Mavs whenever that was. Wade gets a foul call at the end of the game where he was totally out of control. That’s the unwritten rule if you want unwritten rules, if you’re out of control, there is no foul. I’ll leave one more example. Must have been around 2002, Spurs vs. Suns. Amare guarding Duncan. Duncan goes up for a short hook, Amare contests it, ball goes off the rim, Amare goes back up and gets the rebound, Amare lands, Amare turns, Amare passes to Nash. How many seconds was that from when the ball left Duncan’s hand? The second the ball left Amare’s hand to pass to Nash, you guessed it. The whistle. Foul on Amare…on the shot. 2 shots for Duncan. WTF!

20 06 2012
mark maloney (22:33:43) :

I can no longer watch the nba. The one sided officiating makes me sick. I know it all goes back to Stern, too. He wants a ring for James. The refs handed the Celtic series to Miami and now they are handing the Thunder series to Miami. The NBA is a sham and a joke, something like professional wrestling in the 50s. I will not watch another game and many of my friends as well as my boys feel the same. These games are so obviously fixed that only a sucker would watch them. Stern and the NBA refs are going to kill the game. People want a fair game, not a fix. Its too bad really.

21 06 2012
Gilbert Lane (01:32:12) :

I quit watching after game 2.Its obvious that game was fixed.i read the box score from game 3 and the cHeat shot 35 fts making 31.a friend watched game 4 and said that despite Westbrook driving to the basket many times he was fouled only 1 time on those drives.The fix is definately in.I rank the nba with pro wrestling,an exhibition NOT a legitimate sport.I hope the refs will receive a ring and a winners check.I vote the refs co MVPs of the finals,they were magnificent.The fact that the cHeat will accept the trophy shows what kind of people they really are.They didnt win anything,they will be given a trophy that they didnt earn.The thug James will be lauded and held up as a hero to millions of kids,what a shame.Like my Mom said:cheaters dont really win.I wont watch the nba again,think i will switch to golf,thats a game that is hard to fix.

21 06 2012
lynda (15:25:39) :

If the only way the Miami Heat can win the finals is by the refs cheating, then they aren’t much of a team. Several of their players should have been fouled out by the the 3rd period. But because the refs are bought off nothing is called… They better start calling it fair before there is a law suit filed…. Be fair for once in your life…

21 06 2012
Gilbert Lane (16:06:03) :

Just saw a clip about a 4 or 5 yr old child crying over the cHeats gm 4 “victory”.im sure that since stern is a lawyer he relishes the fact there are so many people who take the game seriously and are heart broken.what kind of atty is he?im suspecting he was a personal injury lawyer.i forgot to mention my favorite play of gm.2.after Westbrook drove for a layup bosch or bosh slammed him to the court.i personally thought it was a fine display of sportsmanship and an act that bosh will brag about when he shows off his 2012 ring.true greatness always shines brightest on the big stage.

21 06 2012
Joe (21:44:00) :

All I can say is that if our congress is now interested in questioning Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds, and future to be questioned in Lance Armstrong then if congress really wants a show then put the refs on the stand on C-SPAN vs ESPN. Let congressmen ask them point blank if they ever favored one player, one team, one coach, one owner in a series or whenever and if they don’t answer truthfully tell them “if you lie to us in congress you WILL GO TO JAIL!” Put Stern on the stand and ask him if he has ever given direction to the referees to ref a game a certain way. LET STERN GO TO JAIL. The Refs and Stern think they are untouchable. Well they will be touched a lot behind bars … if they lie. But I bet they would all start to squeal like pigs caught under a fence. And then and only then would the NBA have to clean up their crap and the matches would truly be “let the best team win”.

21 06 2012
Joe (21:45:15) :

Forgot to add…. CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN, Say you want to see the NBA Refs answer to congress. Let’s get that SHOW ON C-SPAN!

22 06 2012
Mark Mck (08:01:01) :

I quit watching the finals. Way too blatantly in favor of the Heat. Durant is a better player than James. James needs the officials calling it like this to get to the line for most of his points. Watch the official pull this against the Celtics and Bulls last year.
Am amazed the experts had no comments when it was so obvious. I’m done as an NBA fan. Have better things to do than watch a rigged system at work.

22 06 2012
Robert Bayer (23:28:02) :

Especially in game 2, the refs allowed the Heat to have the calls they needed to do what they do.. hack and grab, and flop and cry… This does not mean it happened every play but it happened enough to destroy the team chemistry of the Thunder whether they were playing D or O…. These youngsters were not used to getting the raw deal.. and they didn’t know what to do and lost heart… Only the Bad Boys could have possibly handled officiating that badly one sided, which brings me to the next point. Why not let the best team win rather than this David Stern’s Numbers Racket? This is all about money and hype and NOT about real basketball nor the integrity of the game. Boston was robbed as well… The Heat should never even have made it to the NBA Finals, let alone be given the title. Game 2 in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals will go down as one of the most corrupt games ever officiated… as will Game 2 of the Finals…. Boston deserved to be in the Finals, winning the eastern conference 4 games to 1, and to take a shot at the Thunder… But they didn’t advance … A con game went down..more than a few times.. and now we have had the most meaningless championship ever given by crook via Stern and his thugs… As far as many of us are concerned.. the Thunder and The Celtics deserved to battle it out.. I for one will never recogize this as a Heat championship.. nor more than I would ever say Mark McGwire hit 70 homeruns in 1998… CHEATING IS NOT A CHAMPIONSHIP, it only shows those who cheat, whether, the players, the refs, or the commisioner as they really are: COWARDS and LOSERS! If this had been a street pick up game, guess what would have happened? The Heat and the refs would have had the manure kicked out of them.. Too bad that is not what had happened because it would have been a just response to the greedy fools who are betraying every basketball fan and player who ever laced up his shoes and hit the courts…Stern can go to Hades! I wont watch another NBA game again unless the Pistons are playing. It is a tragedy really.. but that doesn’t mean any of us have to like or to give an ounce of respect to the NBA for this betrayal of fans and players everywhere.

23 10 2012
Gilbert Lane (15:07:18) :

Just a note. I grew up in OKc and i learned that one doesnt mess with the law. I wouldve loved to have seen the refs cuffed and shackled and lead off to the downtown jail. I believe fixing a sporting event is a crime. It wouldve been great! I will not watch the NBA again until they are above board and honest. I can see missing a few calls or calling the game evenly. Such a shame that the sport that gave us Miken Russel et al is no more than a pro wrestling exhibition.

29 05 2013
obz (15:30:20) :

I want to start by saying I live in miami and I am a miami heat fan. Im not new to basketball sinfe lebron join the team either… love the game and especially the refs as long as I can remember. Now… the refs are a joke. We all know that. However I want to potentially sway you all frm the obvious. As a heat fan we get it… everyone hates us for whatever reason. Im ok with that. Most of us are typical image driven morons that clog up our highways at all hours of the day down here. But I ask that everyone look past that hate and see what is really going on. The refs in my opinion are in everyone elses side on this… they hhate the heat too!! I ve watched every single game since the 2005-2006 season and the calls or lack of calls in favor of the heat is beyond apparent. I urge you all to really put your passion aside and see it through the eyes of a heat fan. Game 4 last night was a perfect example. The no foul verticle rule tgat hibbert gets away with is an easy call against the heat. The elbows and offensive fouls that west gets away with and stevenson is an easy call against the heat. Wade and everyone else gets hacked no call while an all ball block by lebron on hibbert is a foul. It goes on and on. There is a reason why lebron has games with no fouls… is because he is a smart player and defends well without fouling. Again… leave ur hate in checl and see the games. Its all there for all to see. Now I will say that lebron will flop from time to time but not everything is a flop or a no call foul. Its easy to understand… the refs and their whistles can easily take a player out of their flow and that is exactly what is happening against the heat. Also… the commentators and journalist are all on the same page with the refs for a few exceptions. Again… the heat won the series fair against the thunder. Yes the refs tried to impose their will but again the better team won. This year the refs are truly on a whole different level. So please take a step back and potentially see the game through my eyes. Im objective and not blind. A foul is a foul regardless of who did it but the officiating against the heat is definitely one sides but not in our favor. Its painfully obvious to seeand hear by all the yelling that goes on in my house on game nights. Anyways… carry on!

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