21 06 2012

Sorry Thunder, what the NBA giveth the NBA taketh away!



One response to “HAHAHAHA”

22 06 2012
Gilbert Lane (14:10:18) :

I knew it was a done deal after watching game 2.I know the oddsmakers had okc favored in the series.I would like to see just how many times the underdog won the finals.Of course that means the oddsmakers made alot of money.I know they are pretty good setting spreads etc.(see how well you do against their spreads)the best i ever did was 8 out of 10 on a 10 pick.I never got that close again.I feel bad for the Thunder they are a great young team that did it thru draft picks and trades.I know how hard it is to win a ring,much less make it back to the finals.Alot of great players never won a championship.Jerry West only got 1.Oh well im thru with the nba and wont follow them again,shame i had been a fan for over 50yrs.

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