NBA ready to start a new year and we need your input.

24 10 2012

Are you happy with the NBA or are you upset with the NBA, the referreeing, or just want to rant? This is the place for you to express your opinions on the NBA!

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12 responses to “NBA ready to start a new year and we need your input.”

30 10 2012
gary (16:24:42) :

I’ve already sent the nba a comment about Joe Crawford. This guy should really retire !

30 10 2012
gary (20:49:39) :

A new season and game 1 sucked ! The refs couldn’t call a high school game let alone a NBA game. Ghost calls against KG in the 1st quarter started it off. Wade hooking Rondo and a no call. Here we go again !

27 11 2012
Ric (22:35:19) :

There must be something fans can do, the NBA doesn’t seem to care, the refs think it’s about them. I can’t stand NBA Refs, they just make me sick. Horribly inconsistent. A foul in the first quarter is not a foul in the fourth quarter, how does that work?

7 12 2012
Gilbert Lane (01:48:14) :

I for one could care less. I stated the nba is no different than pro wrestling and i stick to that. I am fed up with it. I am tired of the nba. The refs are so old and incompetent. Stern is a hustler and is perpetrating fraud. The networks and sportscasters are in collusion. They sit and with a straight face talk about the games as if the outcome is ever in doubt. The nba,ncaa basketball and football,are just exhibitions not really sports,the officials are just part of the pagentry.

8 12 2012
zipperboy (13:02:17) :

It is a same that the NBA cares so little about the fans!

23 01 2013
Ryan Peterson (03:03:50) :

The front office and the NBA refs both suck so bad. It really is a shame as far as what the NBA has become these days. The travels, the amounts of offensive fouls that are called, getting the ball at halfcourt after a timeout late in the game, etc., etc.

Thank You, NBA, for ruining my favorite sport.

Ryan Peterson

19 02 2013
sandman (22:23:29) :

The warriors cant get a fair game this year or for that matter ever since Spreewell was traded. Oh well fighting an uphill battle with the NBA knowing that how much the screw the bayarea team the fans will still come. I might just blow my 13 year season tickets this year because I am tired of the Refs giving the other team a 100% ADVANTAGE AT THE LINE!!!

27 02 2013
John Nemelka (21:01:11) :

Why are Pro Sports Officials not fined the same way that owners, coaches and players and fans are for their mistakes? Are they reviewed and graded for poor officiating? Good or bad? Owners should require this in. the next contract! Or do they walk on water?

8 03 2013
Nemo 10 (21:21:44) :

NBA officials are true reflection of David Stern, arrogant and think they walk on water. Problem is none of them do. Watching them officiating makes me sick. And I really do not want to view any Nba games until there are changes. I was a season ticket holder but gave them up. Respect the fans!!!!!!!!!

17 04 2013
nemo10 (19:01:18) :

It is amazing that you people that created this web, ask for comments, then delete them
I have been involved with professional sports for over 40 years. YOU people have no clue what you are talking about. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

7 05 2013
Michael (22:52:04) :

Why do we even have NBA refs, I have seen jr. High girls refs able to call better games than these sorry jerks !! They have to be paid to make these games come out in a prearranged plan! No more wasting my time on NBA CRAP !!

24 02 2016
King (00:07:52) :

Hi, I have been watching Nuggets game for a long time, it is bloody obvious the refs give out start treatment to team facing Nuggets, because apparently, Nuggets has no Stars right now.

The ref has gone to the dogs, NBA, where’s your pride?
This is humiliating. Really.

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