2006/2007 Roster


6 Jim Clark
7 Bernie Fryer
8 Luis Grillo
9 Derrick Stafford
10 Ron Garretson
11 Phil Robinson
12 Violet Palmer
13 Monty McCutchen
14 Joe DeRosa
15 Bennett Salvatore
16 Ted Bernhardt
17 Joey Crawford
18 Mark Wunderlich
19 James Capers
20 Jess Kersey
21 Tim Donaghy  Tendered his resignation July 9, 2007
22 Bill Spooner
23 Jason Phillips
24 Mike Callahan
25 Tony Brothers
26 Bob Delaney
27 Dick Bavetta
28 Tommy Nunez Jr.
29 Steve Javie
30 Tony Brown
31 Scott Wall
32 Eddie F. Rush
33 Sean Corbin
34 Marc Davis
35 Jack Nies
36 David Jones
37 Anthony Jordan
38 Michael Smith
39 Kevin Fehr
40 Leon Wood
41 Ken Mauer
42 Eric Lewis
43 Dan Crawford
44 Ron Olesiak
45 Joe Forte
46 Matt Boland
47 Bernie Adams
48 Scott Foster
49 Tom Washington
50 Olandis Poole
51 Leroy Richardson
52 Pat Fraher
53 Robbie Robinson
54 Derrick Collins
55 Bill Kennedy
56 Mark Ayotte
57 Greg Williard
58 Zach Zarba
59 Gary Zielinski
60 David Guthrie
61 Courtney Kirkland
62 Michael Henderson
63 Derek Richardson
64 Eli Roe
65 Sean Wright
71 Rodney Mott
73 Ed Malloy
66 Brian Forte *
67 John Noble *
68 Tony Greene *
70 Kurt Walker *
72 Haywoode Workman *
75 Lorenzo Bronson *
* = Preseason Officials Only

9 responses to “2006/2007 Roster”

6 06 2007
Golbaw (16:18:13) :

Hi! nice site!

7 06 2007
Golgyj (13:52:15) :

Hi! nice site!

20 07 2007
Mike B Refin (13:13:28) :

Can you Referee? Lets put you and two other friends you know and let you Ref an NBA Game! Lets see how you handle the Game. Lets see you blow a whistle insted sted of your man!

20 07 2007
admin (16:24:43) :

Well okay, and lets bring the FBI along, just to make sure we’re calling it fair.

How does that sound Mike Refin?

22 07 2007
LakerKev (10:16:29) :

Awesome site. I just stumbled across it doing some research on the NBA referee airline ticket scandal in conjunction with this Tim Donaghy controversy. I was not surprised to hear about this and I think there are more refs on the take. Its apparent after the ticket scandal what these scum bags are willing to do for a little extra cash.

31 07 2007
zipperboy (22:34:18) :

Wow, very mature of you Mike B Refin! Why don’t you make a valid point instead of acting like a teenage moron or even better an NBA Ref!

All views are welcome on the site but leave the hate out of it or I’ll ban your butt!

17 03 2009
Rick Ross (22:04:08) :

NBA refs suck. I guarantee more are betting on games with these calls. The forte family are a bunch of idiots.

11 05 2009
JG (06:31:34) :

Perfect idea for a site. In true fashion the nba refs blow a great game between dallas and denver by not calling the obvious foul against Melo. So what do they do instead….. the NBA announces an official fuck you to Dallas by saying oops we fucked up AGAIN!

The problem with the NBA is two part. The first and most important is that Hobbit commissioner David Stern. Then we have the refs on the take. You would have to be stupid to think only one ref was involved in fixing games. But since the head hobbit in charge backs the refs before he does the plays this problem will never go away until he does and the league and it reputation is restored.

6 01 2010
Jarek (00:49:43) :

Man if you want to do some research on bs happening right now go watch the blazers. They are deciding games left and right! Always by 4-5 points. Making BS calls at crucial moments and calling EVERYTHING against the blazers. It’s never been this obvious someone is paying them off.