It’s our mission and desire to unite basketball fans around the world in a crusade to improve the poor state of refereeing in the NBA. In doing so adding legitimacy and integrity to the game.

As individual fans we have no capability to effectively change the problems that exist. United, we can use our collective resources to influence a major transformation.

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8 04 2007
Kyle (18:54:00) :

After watching the Chicago Bulls Vs Toronto Raptors sunday night, it came to me that the refs can’t count. Can’t see, and well you add them togther you get that obviously they can’t do their job. Parker, and the other guard on toronto countless times when they got the ball they established their pivot foot. then, picked it up and walked two more steps towards the basket equaling to a total of four steps before dribbling. they say the team of refs watch the game after but i doubt they do or theyre so bad they didnt see it. Later that game Chris bosh came above the arch to set a pick on captain Kirk, Parker (who had the ball) shouldered bosh. they called a foul on kirk when he wasnt even involved in the play. I can go on and on, they favor the home/ more talented team. they favor when a coach argues and feels they need to make-up calls for teams that argue when they accually make the right call. When Cleveland came to chicago the other night, James when to the line twice the times he deserved to, when the ball was on the ground with 5 seconds left, some foreign guy on the cavs leaped on the ball and slid out of bounds where it was then he called a timeout with 3 seconds left in a tie game. had the refs made the right call, da bulls would have had 3 full seconds to win the game inbounding at the cavs bench closest to the bulls basket and the cavs won in overtime. like i said this can go on forever. That’s all ill say for now im glad somebody created this site. stern is the biggest dick. theese refs will get so bad one day, that people wont show up to sertain stadiums and theyll lose all their money, half the teams will be bankrupt as it should be. theyre are doing everything possibly wrong if theese refs are trying to make a fair game.

30 04 2007
scottkusf (23:20:01) :

How can it be legal to favor a player such as tim duncan just because he is an allstar. He is getting such lopsided calls in the Denver series. The refs are winning that series for san antonio.

1 05 2007
admin (02:40:13) :

How can they favor him?

Tonights game was interesting. Carmelo got called for an offensive foul. He came right back down and hit a 3 and stared down the ref. Next trip down, offensive foul. They’ll teach Carmelo a lesson.

The refs suck. Thats the long and short of it. You should have ordered your shirt a week ago, you probably won’t have any games soon you can wear it to.

‘He was mugged’ – Charles Barkley on how Tim Duncan was treated in Denver tonight.

2 06 2007
Matt (22:47:10) :

I like how Lebron/ Cleveland got most of the calls throughout the Eastern Conference Finals. Ridiculous calls. He pushed off just about every time and the guy defending him got the foul.

2 06 2007
Matt (22:47:50) :

I have a group on Facebook called NBA referees win 2007 Eastern Conference Finals. http://ucok.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2474072135&ref=mf

3 06 2007
tiffany (16:53:54) :

i am curious, are the ref’s paid off, and if they are isn’t that illegal? i have been watching basketball since the mid 80′s and i have seen time and time again a ref make a bad call that costs a team a critical play. (in turn the game) what happens to them when the f-up at work. i know what would happen to me if i were to f-up at work, if i did it too much i;d find my self out of work.

4 06 2007
zipperboy (12:51:09) :

I don’t beleive the refs are paid off for making bad calls. I do beleive that the know exactly where they get their pay checks. Games have to be exciting and games need to be close. I beleive that they do there best to insure that games are close and will always give teams that are getting blown out a chance to get back into the game.

Referees are graded on their performance and occasionally they even admit they made a mistake, but not very often! Basketball would benefit if the NBA would suck it up and admit that they need to make improvements. Fans are growing uneasy and are starting to wonder if the NBA is becoming the WWE!


23 07 2007
admin (19:54:40) :

Okay, so it appears at least one ref was paid for making bad calls.

Good Call Tiffany!

20 10 2007
Christina (21:08:40) :

I just came across this site while doing web searches and couldn’t help but feel drawn in (of course my friend owns a website that has similar aspirations or at least a similar sense of humor). If you like http://www.nbarefssuck, you just may love http://www.yousuckref.com. …[EDIT]

20 03 2008
alex (20:29:46) :

the refs suck i can barley watch NBA games anymore, just watch any mavericks game they get royally screwed every time. I know it’s not just them but damn they ruin the game.

5 01 2009
Ryan (00:13:53) :

This is the best website ever! I had been thinking about starting one of these myself for quite some time, but it is VERY encouraging to me that it has already been done!

My biggest issue with the reffing, and this one has now trickled down to all levels of basketball, is the amount of offensive fouls that are called. Not necessarily the flopping — that is a separate and horrible issue in itself. I’m talking about defenders still moving and constantly drawing a charge call. And defenders sliding underneath offensive players IN THE MIDDLE OF LAY-UP/DUNK ATTEMPTS and getting the charge call. It’s just go to stop!!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to set up this website!
Ryan Peterson

25 05 2009
rick (04:30:58) :

I am so sick of nba refs giving calls to lebron and kobe, last night Dwight howards block of lebron’s 3 sent me searching for nba sks, ps i am a celtics fan ,,, without garnett i knew they could’t win… nba better do something about their ref’s, Lebron and kobe are good players not a GREAT like Michael Jordan, Mj always tried to get his team involved, basketball is and always will be a team sport… not guys taking 30 shots and scoring 40 points because ref’s give them so many fouls… Lebron should be fouled out more than 50% of the time, almost every drive is an offensive foul (head down and pushes his way in, specially if his name was shaq), kobe’s a little better, man can he shoot, and shoot… lol, but when your game is off, it’s time to pass, and boy does he hate to do that….i played ball when i was younger, we used to call kobe’s chuck nuts, ball hogs, not many players have ever went 5 out of 21 shots, 2nd worst percentage out of all nba players, or how about 2 games where he scored over 40 not bad huh, lmao 1sit and 4 worst record percentage,
17/47 and 12 for 30… and for those who think kobe’s better than MJ go to this site , answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070612070748AApU485.. listen Nba,(david stern, refs) stop favoring these 2 players, we as fans are sick of it

24 05 2010
Dirk Diggler (21:51:07) :

The refs have ruined another game …again! I love the game so much and it hurts to see the refs choosing who to call fouls on or who to ignore fouls on. A foul is a foul! If we could get Stern out of office it would be a victory for the game of basketball! He only cares about marketing the game to highlight players, not making the game of basketball the best it can be. This may make money for a while but if you keep diluting the koolaide, people will eventually stop drinking it!

28 05 2010
Jake (19:22:21) :

The 2010 Eastern Conference Finals refing is the worst that I have ever seen in my whole life. How many fouls did Howard have? Not many. The Celtics did not have any chance in that game from the start. They called numerous bad calls resulting in the “big three” to sit the bench, and put their faith in the bench. I really do hope that the refs become better but that is like saying will Kevin Garnett ever not swear in a whole game.

8 06 2010
cash (21:57:01) :

Wow the referees sucked tonight: not sure they got a single call right all night

17 04 2011
Conray (18:40:43) :

The refs control the game and decide who will win. They do not call the game the same for each team in any given game. I am ready to quit on the NBA because the refs are so bad.

17 04 2011
Conray (18:47:43) :

The refs work for the NBA, the games are decided ahead of time and the refs make it happen for maxium profit for the NBA. Ever wonder why so many series go 7 games?

22 04 2011
Jim (01:20:31) :

You guys are a bunch of whinny little bitches. Your teams werent good enough get over it and stop looking for excuses.

28 04 2011
robb (20:54:59) :

dude i don’t watch BB much at all but i watched a few this year
and the refs. are awful bad enogh that i wont watch another
refs decide who wins buddy don’t be a dumbass

3 08 2011
content professor review (09:30:58) :

We need to keep this court jester around just for laughs.

10 08 2011
speeding ticket (17:21:34) :

I do love the manner in which you have framed this challenge plus it really does provide me a lot of fodder for thought. However, from what I have personally seen, I only wish when the feed-back pile on that individuals continue to be on issue and not start on a soap box of the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this fantastic piece and although I can not concur with the idea in totality, I respect your point of view.

17 06 2012
Joe (22:21:28) :

All I can say is contact your congressman. If congress is interested in talking to baseball players and other athletes about hormone shots then they damn sure should be interested in talking to the NBA refs union and Stern about the obvious corruption that is occuring. Write an e-mail today! Maybe we will see these SOBs on C-Span with some of them going to JAIL! Then and only then will this game get cleaned up. Stern is an A-hole.

18 06 2012
gary (19:58:56) :

The NBA needs to do what the NFL does – rate the refs ! Bad refs are not allowed to officiate any playoff games. Weed out the bad ones before they ruin the playoffs !!

22 06 2012
rick (05:04:43) :

labron did not disorve to win the tittle this yeear.. they did not even diserve to get past the celtics.. the celtsics should have won but that round was fixed from th3e getgo… game 2 was the celtics they should have won that game but know nba and refs had ofhter plans.. someone needs to do something about this scam…

26 11 2014
Concerned nba fan (19:34:32) :

I’m from Portland and have been a blazers fan since 2nd grade. I can’t stand the calls made against Portland every night. Refs have cost them multiple games. The ref I hate most is Joey Crawford.