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Top 5 ‘Homer’ Refs (Against the Spread)

1 – Tony Brown 23-13-2 (0-1-0) (1)
2 – Derrick Stafford 24-14-3 (1-0-1) (2)
3 – Leon Wood 28-18-0 (2-0-0) (4)
4 – Olandis Poole 25-15-0 (2-0-0) (5)
5 – Leroy Richardson 24-17-3 (Not in top 5 last week – Welcome Leroy)

7 – Tommy Nunez Jr. 24-18-0 (0-2-0) (3) (#3 last week, removed himself pulling twice for the away team)

Top 5 ‘Over/Under’
1 – Olanis Poole 25-15 (0-2) (1)
2 – Leon Wood 29-17 (2-0) (3)
3 – Greg Willard 27-17 (1-1) (2)
4 – Tom Washington 28-20 (1-1) (4)
5 – Jim Clark 27-19 (0-0) (5)

1 – Kevin Fehr 29-13 (1-1) (1)
2 – Courtney Kirkland 30-19 (2-1) (4)
3 – Matt Boland 25-14 (0-0) (3)
4 – Phil Robinson 26-16 (0-2) (2)
5 – Steve Javie 22-18 (0-2) (5)

Last Updated: 2/25/07
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9 responses to “Ref Stats”

8 04 2007
Kyle (18:55:49) :

After watching the Chicago Bulls Vs Toronto Raptors sunday night, it came to me that the refs can’t count. Can’t see, and well you add them togther you get that obviously they can’t do their job. Parker, and the other guard on toronto countless times when they got the ball they established their pivot foot. then, picked it up and walked two more steps towards the basket equaling to a total of four steps before dribbling. they say the team of refs watch the game after but i doubt they do or theyre so bad they didnt see it. Later that game Chris bosh came above the arch to set a pick on captain Kirk, Parker (who had the ball) shouldered bosh. they called a foul on kirk when he wasnt even involved in the play. I can go on and on, they favor the home/ more talented team. they favor when a coach argues and feels they need to make-up calls for teams that argue when they accually make the right call. When Cleveland came to chicago the other night, James when to the line twice the times he deserved to, when the ball was on the ground with 5 seconds left, some foreign guy on the cavs leaped on the ball and slid out of bounds where it was then he called a timeout with 3 seconds left in a tie game. had the refs made the right call, da bulls would have had 3 full seconds to win the game inbounding at the cavs bench closest to the bulls basket and the cavs won in overtime. like i said this can go on forever. That’s all ill say for now im glad somebody created this site. stern is the biggest dick. theese refs will get so bad one day, that people wont show up to sertain stadiums and theyll lose all their money, half the teams will be bankrupt as it should be. theyre are doing everything possibly wrong if theese refs are trying to make a fair game.

18 04 2007
zipperboy (17:36:49) :

I’m almost always amazed that the refs don’t call traveling and the carry. It’s because it’s more important to be entertaining than anything else even at the cost of integrity.

2 04 2008
JimmiP (10:48:50) :

It’s a shame when I can name more Refs than an entire NBA Team Roster. Why should a fan know any Ref’s name? They should not be part of the game. They are not the stars, yet some nights it seems like it is all about them. I should not know the name of a single NBA Ref that is doing his job properly. He/she should simply enforce the rules fairly, consistantly and objectively with out his ego determining when and how he “disiplines” a team, player or caoch.

7 04 2008
sandy hughes (09:15:24) :

Agree with JimmiP.

btw, what ever happen to Brian Forte who kicked Kobe out of the Seattle game back in February? Haven’t seen him ref in months!

12 04 2011
kevin (22:38:21) :

I am so sick of the nba refs. They are inconsistent and seem to be getting worse. What is a foul one play is not the next. I love basketball. The nba is hard to watch.

28 04 2011
robb (20:46:17) :

i’m proud to be a football fan i have no patience for cheating and after just watching a few NBA games thats clearly whats going on the NBA sets up games for profits

28 04 2011
robb (20:46:32) :

GO saints

17 06 2012
nick (19:49:24) :

its like they just quess

10 02 2013
Lady Mad (23:33:54) :

NBA Refs are the worst especially #25 he is the worst, needs to find a new career and stop being a ref. He likes his favorite teams and that’s who he gives the best calls