About Us

This site was started by two NBA season ticket holders who have become frustrated with the referreeing or lack there of at this ‘professional level’.

This site is open to all basketball fans, pro or con, who need a place to vent their frustrations. A season-ticket holders therapy to carry them through the basketball season.


Gregg & Karl


3 responses to “About Us”

8 06 2007
Melissa (09:43:49) :

I don’t have a comment about the NBA. But being from Texas I am rooting for the Spurs to be NBA champs. One quick question though, have you been to The Flying Saucer lately? You have my e-mail, let me know.

6 04 2010
Bruce Benner (07:49:52) :


How’s it going? What have you been up to?


21 04 2011
Robert (09:10:51) :

I don’t know how the NBA can call this a true sport, when the error built into the officiating is so broad that in any game between two comparable teams, the outcome is going to be decided by the officials. The Lakers were clearly allowed to be very aggressive last night, and the officials let it happen.