Fans, Please Read…

This site was conceived and nurtured as a joke! It is in the spirit of humor and the great passion, both existing and in the past, that this material is meant to be interpreted.

Even from behind the eyes, hearts and minds of fans, we respect the players, coaches, refs, and staff of the organization being parodied.

If for any reason, you find part of this site objectionable or in poor taste, please let us know. Will we change it??? Probably not… But we will make a conscious effort to avoid maliciously libeling any entity.

Again, this is meant as a satirical depiction of a great organization!

This site is in no way affiliated with the NBA or any of it’s sponsors.

(Although we have gotten some positive feedback from current and former NBA players, announcers, former NBA refs, and other well known NBA affiliates, who tend to agree with our general premise.)

3 responses to “Disclaimer”

22 03 2009
hash brown (14:27:42) :

Just got done watching Pistons-Heat on ABC on3/22/2009 and was so upset by the way the game was called that I was looking for somewhere to make my voice heard and found your site- it made me feel a lot better to relive some past SNAFUs Thanks, I love the game too- Go Pistons!

19 04 2009
wilma (22:22:55) :

glad you guys are doing this… I am a fan of a small-market team and although we shoot ourselves in the foot on numerous occasions, the crap calls/no-calls that occur in our games against big-market teams/players drives me insane and has cost us games. this should be a legit sport, not garbage “entertainment” like the WWF, but that’s what it’s headed toward. I don’t care if it’s King James himself, if he walks, he walks; if he fouls, he fouls; if he double-dribbles, he, well, you get the point. I hope Stern checks this site from time to time… it might do him some good. And if he is, please for the love of God, LET THE GRIZ GET THE #1 PICK!

21 06 2012
Gilbert Lane (15:51:11) :

Thanks for this site.after game 2 of the 2012 finals i was so upset that replay after replay showed how incompetent the refs are.1 or 2 bad calls are to be expected but that game was infuriating.this site allows former fans like myself to state our frustrations and vent a bit.thanks for allowing me to do so.dont get me wrong i had been a fan since the lakers were still in minneapolis the hawks were in st.louis the warriors were still in philly etc.i started doubting the refs in 85 and tho i tried to remain a fan i simply cant.